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Get Started With Us. You’ll Need a Good Plan

Get Started With Us. You’ll Need a Good Plan Get Started

Counselling the Future of Parkinson's Disease

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Counselling the Future
of Parkinson Disease

Parkinson Movement | “Be an inspiration for other people with Parkinson such that they might say, because of you, I did not give up. Frank C. Church.

Physical Therapy is the Key.

Most everyone knows that exercise is beneficial for Parkinson disease treatment. But physical therapy, in particular, is key. Why? You can remain independent by gaining mobility, strength, and balance with the help of a professional. In the brain, connections are formed and reorganized. Neuroplasticity is the process by which the brain changes. Exercise may improve neuroplasticity, according to some research. It is possible to improve your ability to pay attention, think, and remember through exercise. In addition, physical activities may benefit areas of the brain associated with learning. This effect is more obvious in the early disease phases.

Parkinson Movement offers Parkinson disease personal trainer who works with people who have Parkinson, joint replacements, or joint issues. Our counselor therapists in GA also provide online training through zoom. You can avail of the class anytime, any day once the zoom session has ended.

Parkinson Movement | PD’s

Parkinson disease (PD) does not have a standard treatment or protein and Parkinson medication. Symptoms and treatments for Parkinson vary from person to person. There are several treatments available, including Parkinson medication, protein, and surgery. Lifestyle changes, such as getting more rest, opting for the best diet for Parkinson patients, and exercising, are other options. There are many options available at Parkinson Movement to treat Parkinson symptoms, but none have been shown to reverse the disease’s effects. For people with PD, it is common to take a variety of Parkinson disease medications at various times during the day to manage symptoms. The ability to keep track of medications can be a challenge, but keeping a schedule will allow you to get the most benefit from your medications and prevent unpleasant “off” periods due to missed doses.

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