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Maureen McCord is a certified AFAA personal trainer. She possesses more than 20 years’ worth of experience as a counselor physical therapist and movement disorder trainer. She is also certified with AEA in water aerobics/ therapy and Tivity Health SilverSneakers. She uses Denise Medved’s program, Ageless Grace, a (brain-body exercise) and received certification in G.E.M. (Get Excited & Move!) to assist people in gaining more mobility with daily life functions. Her passion and experience in Movement Disorders (certified through MDT Education Solutions) and working with people who have Parkinson disease, brain injuries, or stroke.

Maureen McCord and Parkinson Movement:
The goal of Maureen's work is to help and encourage people who desire to improve their mobility through Parkinson personality changes but don't know how to do so. To achieve their own personal potential in movement, Maureen supports and coaches those in her care to move as functionally as possible. This counselor and physical Trainer does so through the Parkinson Movement. She offers movement disorder training, which takes care of Parkinson disease, joint replacement, joint issues, or joint gaps. We provide online training through zoom. Once recorded you can avail of the class anytime, any day. Making life easier for people who want to remain independent and function at their peak is something she cherishes and desires.

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